Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back to school.......

well not really, it is more like back to a routine of some sorts. I have really enjoyed the unscheduled chaos of summer and do not really look forward to the scheduled chaos to come. We will tip-toe in slowing on Tuesday with the children looking over their new books or getting re-acquainted with the old ones, yes some we use longer than others. I am excited because as I have mentioned we found a new math for the older two children and I really think this will give them a better explanation of Algebra. We have also added in some fun things to our schedule like a co-op type science, Forensics class, an election class and other assorted things of interest (well hopefully :))

So I am reading this really fantastic book, called The Shack, I feel like finally someone is writing about God as I have always imagined him (this is a work of fiction, but don't be fooled, I really think this author has hit it, not sure how but boy he puts the Spirit to paper like I have always imagined). We have lost track of where we are going and where we came from, we are so busy judging one another based on things that don't even matter. Anyway I am not going to go on my rant about this and attempt to instill my beliefs on you as so many have done to me over the years, I really just wanted to share this book with you, I have been so touched at every turn in this story, I have been brought to tears often and really felt like someone stepped inside my heart. It is one book I highly recommend to put on your reading list and remember you have to drop all of your "rules" and "judgements" about how things should be and just open your heart as you read through this amazing book.

For my home schooling friends out there, the Link Magazine is another must, and again open your mind to other possibilities and choices for home education, you will gain so much wisdom from this truly fantastic magazine with some awesome contributors and writers.

Just for fun since I am on an education kick this post, check out a fun movie called Accepted, definitely a funny look at an alternative college education, don't worry it is rated PG-13, so it is not awful in its content, some may want to preview prior to allowing children to watch, as I respect we all have different choices for our families and this may be just right for some and a bit over the top for others, anyway it is a fun look at education and just how I imagine college should be.

OK, so I am done for tonight and I will try not to go so long between posts again.

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