Monday, August 11, 2008

Loving summer

I am thoroughly enjoying summer so much so that I have slacked off on my business work that needs to be done, I did get our website up and running, but to keep growing I really need to be adding books every day. So I am setting a goal for each week. I will let you know how that goes. Next up is working more at running my home in a more orderly fashion, I just know it will make our school year run so much more smoothly. So I have rejoined Flylady, I love her and all the little tips for getting your home in control, check her out at, along with Flylady I am reading a book called Happy Housewife, funny never thought I would find a book of that title helpful, but it has been very informative and definitely a good read, entertaining and full of great tips. So hopefully with these two in hand I will gain a bit of control over our home and get my business a bit more organized in the process.

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