Sunday, March 7, 2010

Using something new

I have found a new math product that we are testing and so far my oldest who is the one using it, likes it quite a bit. What I like is that it works in the areas of need, so while he almost has algebra down pat he needs quite a bit of work in Geometry, so the program covers more in that area. The program is called Aleks - check it out here -

What I really love is I can see how much he is doing daily without being over his shoulder. He learned recently that I get reports bi-weekly and it shows me exactly how much time he has put in each day and how far he has progressed and what he has mastered and what is left to master. He has tried many different programs and seems to enjoy this process the best.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

After a long break

I am back. I have missed writing. So many things have happened, it has been a busy year. This year I am homeschooling 3rd, 5th, 10th and 11th. I can't believe I am nearing our first senior year. We went through our many shelves of books and educational materials and I had the children choose what they were interested in. How nice to have the shelves cleared quite a bit and only books of interest remain. For a brief time I was worried about my oldest, have I given him everything he needs to succeed in the world, did we cover everything, you know all the "right" subjects. Then it hit me I have been teaching them how to learn this whole time and 90% of what I know I learned after high school and a large amount of that I learned in the last 10 years. So even though I still worry a bit I know they will be just fine. They have not been taught in a box or to meet a certain test, they have been taught to think outside of the box and to follow their interest. I hope this leads to them finding joy in their life in what ever path they choose.