Friday, August 15, 2008

Accomplished goals

So I have accomplished my first goal of getting my business in order, my inventory was getting a bit wayward and you could find it in all sorts of spots about the house, frustrating to say the least. So with a deadline date in hand, August 17th (my son is having friends over to celebrate his 16th birthday), and of course I want my home to be presentable and easy to hang out in, that was motivation enough for me. Thanks to some wonderful helping hands, my 4 children all pitched in and got my office area in order, my office area is part of my basement where there is living area and such so it needed to be clean, plus WOW how nice is it to be able to find my items that need to be listed in my store, wonderful that is all I can say.

Next I am working on our school area, I am a collector of books (one big reason I got into selling them) and as usual I am spending August overhauling what we are going to use for our home education. There are so many wonderful tools out there to bring into your homeschool and sometimes honestly it can all be quite overwhelming, so we are cleaning out yet again and I am allowing the children to pick what strikes their interest. This is very freeing for all of us. Once we come to a conclusion of what we will be using I will let you know. We will be letting them participate in some of the local classes through our homeschool group as well, plus they will be joining a group to help other people, learning to volunteer is so important and they seem genuinely excited about it.

Yesterday my oldest son came to me and asked after 3 years if he could no longer take guitar lessons, now the shelfish part of me wanted to say NO WAY!!!, but I realize this is his path and he needs to find what interests him, so I told him that it was absolutely fine, we discussed why and his reasons we fair and we completely understand his choice.

Oh and I should probably share this on another post as I may run out of stuff to say (yeh not likely, my friends know I don't barely take a breath, I love talking, I love talking to my husband, children, friends, hairdresser, assorted cashiers at my local shops, people I meet at yardsales, I love love love people, that I will save for another post :) )

Anyway now I kind of forgot was I was going to tell....see I talk and get off on a tangent and lose track of my thoughts :), oh yes, I was talking to another homeschool mom whose children are now graduated from homeschooling and she said something to me that really made me think about how I am educating my children - her statement was "my husband and I decided we did not want to push our dreams on our children, so we let them decide who and what they wanted to be." I love that statement, I hear so many people saying "I want Joe to be a doctor, or I want Sally to be a lawyer, or I want "insert name here" to be "insert career here", but do we really have the courage to honor what our children want to be and not push our dreams for them or us on them? I was so honored to be standing there at that moment she made that statement, it has changed my life. Honestly I never really knew what I wanted my children to be, but I did feel pressure to come up with something for them and now I no longer do. Thank you my friend for that.

I will in a post soon tell you what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Here is to everyone finding their dream and living joyfully on your path.

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