Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trying new things

I spend a good part of my day willing my children to try new things. I have over the years tried many news things, but never venture too far outside my comfort zone. I love our book business but I kind of always keep in just so, enough books to sell but not so many that I might lose control, but alas what that creates is a business that is stagnent. So over this last week and a half I have been really working at growing my business and learning new ways to do so. I am excited to watch it grow and seem to be working at it with a passion, finally.

I have taken even more strides, I have been watching this website where you can apply to be a writer for them, I have always loved to write, but most of my writing is personal I never shared it, well until I began blogging but that too is very new. So finally I submitted an application with a sample of my work, at first I was scared because all of a sudden nothing would come to my mind to write about, well I finally left the computer went about my day and sure enough as usual while I was driving in the car my story came to me, this is so typical of me to think of what I want to write while I am driving, this wouldn't be a problem except usually by the time I get home my story has left my mind. So this time, because I knew it was important and I had a pad of paper, I began writing it at each stoplight I hit. I was very pleased with the outcome. So I submitted my application and now we will wait and see. I am good with that because finally I took another step outside my comfortable little box.

And on another big note, I applied for a part-time job, I haven't worked outside the home since Nolan was 15 months old. This is right up my alley, involves coffee (aaahhh life it good) and much more, so that is all I will say for now, but again I am so excited that I took that step. I want my children to see you can try lots of things and be good at them.

Oh so much more I want to share on what I would like for my children and you will be surprised as it does not even remotely involve the "American Dream", as to me that is more of a nightmare and I would never want my children to feel stuck. Anyway I will share more on that later.

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