Friday, April 24, 2009

Learning from my children

Well yes I am back and ready to write again, seems I just needed to breath for a bit. It has been an amazing time, we did so many new things the last few months, the kids thoroughly enjoyed skiing/snowboarding and guess what I went skiing with them, it has been 20 years, it felt fantastic! I am so glad I joined in the fun.

Well, I realize over the years I seem to often tell the children, try something new, pursue that interest, apply yourself, you know all that stuff. Yea well I am great at telling others what to do but when it comes to me, I don't always follow my own advice. We are experiencing some changes in life and I am really taking on the challenge of growing our books business, for a long time I talked about doing it but this past week I actually started doing it. I am getting this sense of accomplishment, what a great feeling. I absolutely love our book business, I love everything about it, books make me smile they always have. I love when a new one looks brand new and then coming across a vintage books makes me smile. I love getting letters from a customer because they are happy they found that treasure they remembered from childhood or because they found the one book they really wanted for their collection. So I am finally treating my business like a real business, I mean was before, I do all the tax stuff (yuck) and am always professional, but I just kind of let it grow in teenie tiny baby steps. The last week I have finally been taking big huge giant steps, what a great feeling.

So I am very excited to see what Audrey Rose Books can grow into. My dream is a brick and mortar someday, right on our own little piece of land :) Yes a girl can dream, and work at making those dreams come true.

I plan to pop in here this weekend and write about another tidbit, or rather big step I took. I just want to relish it a bit, is relish the right word, I think that goes on hot dogs right? I love relish on my hot dogs.

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