Thursday, June 16, 2011

Schools out for the summer........

.....not. So this year we are schooling through the summer. Not because we are trying to get ahead of everyone but because we are a bit behind, so I made an agreement with my children that we will work for up to 2 hours each morning and then we get to enjoy the rest of our day. I thought the would think I was awful but they were fine with it. So I am keeping it simple and also including learning in everything we do from gardening to baking to a car ride, so far so good.

We are also finding some great books to make the experience even more fun. Some are just for fun reading, some help us in the garden or with cooking and baking and some help us with the learning. Great books out there, we will never trade them for an electronic reader ever, I love turning the pages of this great science program and seeing the great printed colors, very cool. Check it out here - Real Science 4 Kids offers a great learning experience and really give you a thorough understanding for each level of science.

Plus I am reading the City of Ember series, very interesting so far, I will let you know what I think when I finish the series.

Have a happy day!

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