Monday, October 13, 2008

Exciting day at the Sarah Palin Rally in Richmond

So I actually wrote this the day I went, but I hesitated to post it, showing my choices is always such a personal thing for me and I usually just go along quietly and keep it to myself, but I have just truly been enjoying the election process this go round after learning about Sarah Palin and all I can say is I am proud of my choice and each person should be, I have a friends who are democrats and their candidate fits their wishes, so we honor each other and our choices, we find our likenesses instead of highlighting our differences and I am so honored to have awesome friends like that, so on that note I did decide to be proud and to share my day at the Sarah Palin Rally.

AWESOME!!!!!!!! We had a wonderful day today, the children and I drove to Richmond along with some of our friends for the Sarah Palin Rally, what an amazing lady, she has so many wonderful things to share and great ideas and she and John McCain are definitely on the road to change. I really feel John McCain has done more than just talk about change he has shown us change first by choosing Sarah Palin, a woman, but not just any woman, a woman who is far removed from DC with fresh thinking, she is a mom, one who deeply cares about her family, she reminded me today why I like their thinking, she remembers that our government is supposed to be a government "by the people for the people", have we all forgotten that, are we so willing to just follow along and do as we are told? I want a government who wants us to stand on our own two feet, support ourselves and our family and be responsible for how we live and choose to educate our family. Obviously since I am a homeschooler I do find it important that I find the person who will see that we are very capable of continuing down the road of home education and bringing our children to adulthood and that they are free thinking and confident adults. I don't want the one who is going tell us how we should live, it is not their business and we should all be wanting that independance.

Anyway I have enjoyed sharing a bit of my views, please always know I truly honor each persons choices and would never force anyone to think the same, that is what makes us so wonderfully individual.


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